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Lois Lane, Reporter

This morning, I stumbled upon this article which details advice for aspiring journalists. It's a touching article, I enjoyed it.

Here is the part I found most interesting:

After her first round of questions, Michelle (the student) e-mailed a second time, this one immediately brought a smile to my face. See, her interest in this field started by reading “Superman” comic books, adding she never knew the field to be anything but The Daily Planet, where her idol, Lois Lane, worked. In asking me to compare them, Michelle felt she was naïve in believing the world that exists in the comic books.

So now, here is the thing. There is a young student inspired to become a journalist by Lois Lane, who is really the epitome of curiousity and strength. Sure, Lois has had her ups and downs - but every version I've read or seen with her always projects those same qualities: strong-willed, smart, curious.

Now, DC Comics could learn something from this. Certainly, I would be interested in reading an all ages Lois Lane book that focused not on her love for Superman, but the quality of her character and her award-winning career as a journalist. Sure, she doesn't have any superpowers, but then again, neither does Batman. Call it LOIS LANE, REPORTER, rather than say LOIS LANE, SUPERMAN'S GIRLFRIEND - and I think you could have a really stellar book that speaks to young writers and young women.

Because as much as comics are meant to entertain us, they are also meant to inspire us ...

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