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Machine Gun Rain

Where Odd News Gets Even!

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David Gallaher
5 June 1975
My name is David Gallaher. This is my blogie-thing. It's my fodder folder. My connection to the comics community. My chance to geek out a little. Mostly, however, its where I bleed my real world interests on to the screen.

I write for a living. I've written everything from comics to computer manuals. My first love was theatre, but when I was, more or less, kicked out of drama school, I had to find something else to do. I taught special education for 4 years. I broke into comics by drawing my resume and sending it to Marvel Comics. In 2003, I broke my neck in three places. On March 18th of 2004, I had my apartment virtually destroyed by a wrecking ball. I lived in Room #17 of the Brown Motel for two months on the outskirts of Baltimore. In 2004, I discovered I had six months to live - and epilepsy to boot. I was supposed to die two years ago - and didn't.

Now, I live in Brooklyn ... and have a lot of material to draw from.

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